‘You Were Meant To Adopt That Baby Girl’ – The Meyer Family Adoption Srory

“I was not an advocate of adoption at first,” says RJ Meyer, “because I was really, honestly, that guy who was like, I don’t think I can love another child as much as my own.”

After years of failed infertility treatments, however, Summer was beginning to consider adoption as an option. She looked at her son and knew something: “I was 100 percent sure that there was a sibling out there for him.”

So she had coffee with a friend who had adopted from foster care. “There are kids out there in your state, in your city, that need homes,” she was told, and her heart was touched.

She broached the topic with RJ, who was still hesitant, but, she says, “We started by steps.” They decided to begin by simply taking the foster care certification classes.

The day after they finished the classes, they got a call. The story that follows will bring you to tears.

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