To My Son

This is to my son. Terence Mentor is a dad of two beautiful children. He lives in South Africa with

This Is A Forum For Birth Parents

All right, ready to chat? This is a forum for birth parents. Do you live somewhere remote and cannot talk

Thomas Tristan Or Jeremiah

Thomas Tristan or Jeremiah–as he likes to be called–is an amazing young man. Jeremiah is 14-years-old and he likes to

Renee Is Beautiful And Kind

Renee is beautiful and kind, and she is searching for her forever family. It is Renee’s second time being featured

12,500 Foster Children Adopted In 20 Years

In the last 20 years, there have been 12,500 foster children adopted within the state of Minnesota. “With more children

Chestnuthill Township Family Shares Joys Of Adoption

A Chestnuthill Township family shares the joys of adoption. The Benzkofers have a 19-year-old son of their own and are

East Tennessee Family Welcomes Home Fourth Adopted Child

An east Tennessee family welcomed home their fourth adopted child this last week. “Katie and Jonathan Addington have three biological

When Waiting To Adopt Turns Bitter

What do you do when waiting to adopt turns bitter? Why are there people who wait only a few days

Heart Gallery Features Children In Need Of Forever Homes

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services’ had their annual Heart Gallery of South Texas Opening. The adoption specialists

How Do You Find Birth Parents If You Were Born Outside The US?

So how exactly do you find birth parents if you were born outside the US? “Since the dawn of intercountry

Love Brightens The Darkest Horizon

“Love brightens the darkest horizon.” No matter how dark your life may be, remember that the ones that love you

Kind Nathaniel

Say hello to kind Nathaniel. This is a great kid with a wonderful sense of humor! Nathaniel is an engaging

The Making Of A Family

The making of a family happens in all sorts of different ways. Some may be able to have biological children

Nathan Gwilliam: Connecting Through Passion

Nathan Gwilliam, the CEO of Elevati/ shares his experience of finding his passion in his family, life, and business. “As

A Story Of Infertility, Adoption, And God’s Love

Walt and Annie shared their story of infertility, adoption, and God’s love in their lives in this touching video. For

Something Quite Magical

“Somehow destiny comes in to play. These children end up with you, and you end up with them. It’s something

3 Adoption Documentaries You Have To See

All done watching your favorite show and need another? Well wait no more. Here’s 3 adoption documentaries you have to

We Are Supposed To Do This

“We are supposed to do this” are the words Natalie Patterson scratched on a note to her husband during an

22 Photos Show The Joys Of Adoption

In this article, 22 photos show the joys of adoption and the uniqueness of every family’s journey in finding one

Lucy, An Orphan From China, Meets Her Mother For The First Time

Lucy is a six-year-old orphan from China who is shown meeting her parents for the first time in this touching

Quiz Time! Adoption Terminology. Think You Can Answer?

It’s quiz time everyone! Think you can correctly answer all the questions on adoption terminology? It may be more difficult

Let Them Tell Their Story

There are many things foster kids have gone through, and now, it’s time to let them tell their story. The

Little Souls Find A Way

“Little souls find their way to you, whether they’re from your womb or someone else’s,” shared Sheryl Crow. When you

Irrefutable Similarities

When it comes to family, sometimes there are irrefutable similarities. Vanessa (Scalf) Dalton was adopted by loving parents when she

Forum: Eastern Europe Adoption

Have you ever wanted to know–from an inside scoop–what eastern Europe adoption looks like? Well you don’t have to wonder

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