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Couples who want to adopt may be overwhelmed with questions. For those starting out on the journey, here are the most important things.

Couples Who Want to Adopt

When my husband and I first embarked on our adoption journey, we literally had no idea where to begin. No one we knew had ever adopted and no one we knew had ever been adopted. Our knowledge of adoption was pretty much...

It's a big question, but don't be afraid to ask it. At one point or another, everyone on this journey has asked, "How does adoption work?"

How Does Adoption Work?

No matter what brought you to this conversation, I want you to know that you are welcome. Rest assured, if you have no idea why you typed “how does adoption work” into your internet search bar, you are in good company...

Who are the families that want to adopt? How does adoption work? What does it take to be an adoptive family? If you're wondering these.

Families Who Want to Adopt

Families who want to adopt come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a single parent, a couple, or a family with existing biological children or adopted children, the hope to adopt is shared by many families. Just as...