I Wish I’d Known About Positive Adoption Language Before I Started The Adoption Process

positive adoption language

“Words are powerful. Words are so, incredibly, powerful.”

When adoptive mom Natalie Brenner first started the adoption process, she announced it on her blog. In her post she posed the question, “Why aren’t we having our own kids?” Reading back on it with experience and knowledge, this question hurt her heart. “In my extreme excitement,” she writes, “I didn’t even realize I was using language that was detracting from the value and validity of adoption and adoptive families. I, of course, quickly realized how hurtful this term was when someone asked me, while I was holding my 5-pound new baby boy, ‘Why don’t you want kids of your own?'”

That’s why she wants to make sure that YOU know, before you start your adoption journey, how to talk about adoption in a way that shows respect and love to everyone involved.

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