Viral Facebook Post Helps Woman Find Biological Brother In 4 Days

A Facebook post that went viral helped Nicole Belkin finally meet the older brother she’d always wished for but didn’t always know she had.

In June of this year, Belkin’s brother was on her mind. She’d learned about him when she was eighteen, but more than a decade later, she still hadn’t met him. She knew he would be turning 31, and she was tired of not knowing where he was or what he was doing. She’d done everything she could think of to locate him – completing DNA tests, searching adoption registries, and even applying to appear on television shows that specialize in helping reunite long-lost siblings. All of her efforts had hit a dead-end.

So on June 24, she got on Facebook and shared her story. “Ever since I was a little girl,” she wrote, “I remember always wishing for an older brother. I was torn from that. Now I need him in my life.”

Her post was shared thousands of times, and just four days later, she found the person she’d been looking for.

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Rachel Skousen

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