The Surprise Adoption

Lacey and Banks Farris experienced a rocky path on the way to parenthood. They trudged through years of infertility. They experienced the crushing heartbreak of a late-term miscarriage. They were left bereft by an adoption that didn’t work out.

When they pursued another adoption opportunity, they decided not to tell anyone until they’d actually brought the baby home. Their baby girl, Finley, was born on April 18th, and placed with them by loving birth parents. Ten days later they took a road trip through Tennessee, Alabama, and Arizona to surprise their family members with their joyful news. It’s clear that a lot of people had been rooting for Lacey and Banks on their journey to become parents.

The heartwarming video has been viewed over a million times, with many viewers chiming in with their own adoption experiences.. My favorite was the perspective of a user called RavenSoul, who shared, “I was adopted at 5 days old, 53 years ago. It was considered a shameful event that was kept a secret. I was devastated when I found out (by accident) that I had never been told. THIS tiny child will always remember her adoption as a blessing and a welcomed event. She will always look back and know that she was loved and cherished by this family from her very beginnings. THANK YOU to these wonderful people for loving this child in this way and for sharing your happiness with us all. You are all beyond amazing.”

You can read the Farris’s story here.

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Rachel Skousen

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