The Day We Met Our Son’s Birthmother

Sometimes you meet someone and you just know they are going to have a special spot in your life.  For many adoptive families, they can remember the first communication, first conservation and when they first met with their child’s birth mother. Read the story of this couple’s journey to finding their son’s birth mom.

How we first met our son’s birth mother

I recently wrote about how our first birth mother knew my husband and I were the right dads for her baby. Well, there is a sequel.

A little bit before our boy Keith was 2 1/2, we decided we were ready to adopt again. And when our profile was done, we told Keith our plans.

“Keith, would you like to have a baby brother or a baby sister, maybe?”

He was up on my husband’s shoulders as we walked him to his daycare.

“Um, I would like…” he said, drawing it out. “A quesadilla.”

Six months later, when we got the call about a potential match, Keith had by then warmed to the idea of a sibling.

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