Telling My Mom I Found Her Adopted Daughter

(The action really starts at about 2:20.)

Taylor’s mom placed a daughter for adoption 21 years ago. Taylor did a little PI work and was able to locate her for her mom. When they sat down to talk about the results of her search, her mom couldn’t contain her emotions.

“Did you find her?” she asked first. And when Taylor nodded in response, she added, “Is it really her? No it’s not! You’re lying to me! You’re messing with me! Taylor, you’re kidding me? Have you talked to her? Can I talk to her? Where is she???”

There were so many things she wanted to know about her daughter, she could barely contain the flow of questions. Where was she? Was she working? Was she in school? Was she mad about being placed for adoption? And then she got to see a picture . . .  “She looks just like us!!”

You could feel the comfort in her mama heart when she learned that her daughter had always known she was adopted and that she was looking for her, too.

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