Talking About Sex With Adopted Children

Are you wondering how to talk about sex with your child? Does the fact that you are explaining conception that isn’t YOUR conception make it a more difficult topic for you and your child? This article talks about the birds and the bees and gives some important facts and how to’s that even go by age ranges to help you out in your “talk”.

“Mom, what is sex?” How telling the birds and bee’s story may be different with adopted kids

Talking to your children about S-E-X is never something a parent looks forward to doing. And the questions never seem to come at an opportune moment. All it takes is an older student mentioning it on the playground or a teen who etched the word into a slide at the park to elicit the dreaded “Mom, what is sex?” question. And it is usually asked loudly. And in public. As the other parents around you snicker while you tell your child that you will discuss it later at home. And you will silently pray that his or her little mind will forget about. And your child may, for a few days, forget, but will surely bring it up again sooner than you’d like.

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