Before You Were Mine

You can relate. You once had a life that was all yours. You once pampered yourself and were selfish. You

How Love Makes This Journey A Million Times Harder.

The love in foster care and adoption is a necessary thing, but sometimes that same love can make things a

I choose him over and over again.

Everything has ups and downs, including parenting. Every day we choose love. To love our friends, our spouse, our children.

Love Not DNA

There are a lot of things that DNA consists of, but parenthood doesn’t require it. Love is really all that

Before We Knew You

Have you ever loved the idea of a person, job or other situation and when it came to fruition it

Patchwork Quilt

This is one of my favorite adoption quotes. It’s so rare to find something to compare our family to.  A

Video: Watch This Incredible Story of Chloe

Have you seen this video of Chloe? Chloe from Moving Works on Vimeo. Walt and Annie grew up as neighbors,

Father Through Love

It’s not often we see a quote or meme about the dad’s in adoption. They may not be as vocal

35 Photos Of Adopted Siblings That Show Family Is About Love, Not DNA

Love makes a family. I love my husband. I love my step-siblings. I love my in-laws. I love my children


A unique way to look at adoption. The letters of the word used to highlight all the loving and important

Love Makes a Family: Video

Another beautiful tale of coming together as a family through love and adoption. As a mother biologically and through adoption,

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