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An Open Letter to Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Waiting to start your family is hard. As an adoptive parent myself, I remember the trenches of infertility. I remember

Introducing – Adoption Stuff Worth Sharing

We are blessed to have as our parent company and the support is astounding! Thanks for the shout-out from

Adoption Journey

Adoption Journey Six years trying to become parents, with the last two years pursuing domestic infant adoption. This video shows

You Brought Me This Far: Lift My Life Up

Songs have the power to change our mood, speak to our feelings and lift us up. This song is one

Love From India—One Couple’s Journey

Everyone has a reason for the route they chose for their adoption journey. It was the love of the Indian

Adoption is Forever

Adoption is forever. It forever brings two families together for the good of a child Adoption is Forever. Adoption is

My Six Favorite Experiences as an Adoptive Dad

Click through this inspirational slideshow and see this adoptive dad share his favorite moments of fatherhood with his little girl.

What Father’s Day Means to This Adoptive Dad

Being a dad comes with a lot of responsibility and expectations. A lot of men feel that is amplified when

Becoming a Dad

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! Quotes on fatherhood Becoming a dad is achieved in many ways.

I Didn’t Give you the Gift of Life

Every time someone finds out I adopted my son, they often thank or praise me.  I know that they are

Finalization is like a Wedding

How do you view the finalization process of your adoption? Is it the end of a long journey or the

Big Tough Girl, A Brave New Ending

The Big Tough Girl One of the bravest things we can do in this life is face our biggest fears,

First Meeting – Adoption is Beautiful

Do you remember your first meeting with your child? It’s an amazing moment and for adoptive parents or parents who

Ella’s Gotcha Day Video

Celebrating the Gotcha Day for Ella. This video documents Ella Buehler’s adoption story and her first year with our family.

Adoption Was A Bumpy Ride

Was your journey to parenthood smooth sailing or a bumpy ride? Most of us who have adopted would say it

Love Not DNA

There are a lot of things that DNA consists of, but parenthood doesn’t require it. Love is really all that

We Are Motherhood

Like many other inspirational adoption quotes that are popular, this one speaks to me. This one has a profound meaning

Oprah Winfrey Quote

Sure, the traditional route to motherhood usually means you and your partner create a child together. One that grows in

Give a Child More Through Adoption

What does adoption mean to you? My family grew with adoption. Not just by adding a child, but by adding

Bunny Best Friends

Buzzfeed Animals: Bunny This baby has 4 bunny best friends. Finn was adopted at 2 days old and his 4

Faith Hill Quote – Respect

Something about celebrities draws us into their lives. We feel connected to them through the characters they play or the

Love More Than One

I have 3 children, all of whom I love. One is biological, one is a niece I am raising and

Balance Beam of Parenthood

Parenting is a constant balancing act. Adoption adds another layer to balance as well.  How do you do it? How

Open Adoption is an Open Heart

There are several things open adoption has taught me. One is that open adoption isn’t about me.  Secondly that you

Adoption is A Beautiful Picture of Redemption

Adoption comes with many emotions. None to outweigh or outshine the other. It can be complicated to understand and even

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