People Are Adopting Later In Life, Why?

In this Refinery29 article, the author explores why many are adopting later in life.  The author asks Nicole Witt from the Adoption Consultancy about why people are adopting later than in the past. She says that this change was not something that happened overnight; rather the age has progressively been getting older over the last five years.

Many couples were in their mid-to-late 30s, but now many clients are well into their 40s. This shift can mostly be attributed to the age at which women are marrying. In 199o the average of marriage was 23, but these days the average age is 27. Which means many couples are not trying to conceive until later in life. When couples experience fertility issues, they’re already older too. So many are not looking at the adoption option until they are older.

This can have some repercussions though. Many women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and hoping to place their child for adoption want parents they can relate to. That means they often prefer couples that are closer in age to themselves.

Check out the rest of the article to see what adopting later can mean for couples.

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