Paige Is A 20-Year-Old Adoptee In An Open Adoption. Here’s What She Has To Say About It.

Open Adoption and Family Services opened thirty years ago with a focus on promoting open adoptions. Their first placements are now young adults and teens and are able to start sharing their perspectives and experiences growing up in an open adoption. Paige, who is now 20, was one of the agency’s earliest placements.

In this video, 20-year-old Paige talks about her life as an adoptee growing up in an open adoption. She describes a positive relationship between her birth and adoptive parents, one founded on mutual respect and appreciation. You can feel her love for her adoptive parents as well as the joy she has found in her opportunity to have a strong connection with her birth parents.

It’s clear that Paige is solidly rooted in her sense of who she is and where she belongs.

“It means the world to me being able to visit with my birth parents and being able to know and ask and discover and learn,” she says.

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Rachel Skousen

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