Newly Opened Adoption Records Enable Police Officer To Reunite With Her Mother

Megan Keller, an adoptee and police officer in New Jersey, was interested in filling in her family medical history. So when New Jersey passed a law allowing adult adoptees access to their adoption records, she, along with more than one thousand other adoptees, requested her original birth certificate and used it to track down her birth mom.

Their reunion has been a happy one. She says, “I sometimes pinch myself. I’m like, “Wow . . . did that really happen?”

Melissa Combs was eighteen years old when she placed Megan for adoption. She describes their reunion this way: “A roller coaster of all kinds of emotions. The pain of when I put Megan up for adoption came out . . . but also all the joy of her finding me.”

Megan’s adoptive parents have been extremely supportive of the reunion. “I would never deny her the right to find out her roots,” says her mom.

“It’s really been quite a whirlwind,” says Megan.

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