10 Needs Adoptees Want You To Know About


Have you thought of the needs adoptees have just because they are adoptees? Well, not every adoptee will have the same needs and this list isn’t an end-all discussion, but adoptees have these needs that are waiting to be met. Meeting these needs means an adoptee can live a life full of peace and strength throughout his or her life.

“I was so afraid of being seen as imperfect. What happens to imperfect things? They get sent back…”


Michelle Madrid-Branch recalls that thought constantly running through her mind in her youth. Adoptees have faced one of the hardest losses–the loss of their first parents. The needs adoptees have because of this loss will be different than other children. Michelle Madrid-Branch shares what needs adoptees have and what you can do to meet those needs.

Adoptees manage emotions and feelings sometimes in quiet, isolated ways. She writes, “It’s difficult to open up and share our deepest fears and anxieties when life has taught us that people leave…even parents go away. Therefore, trust doesn’t come easy.”

To find out the needs adoptees have read Michelle’s article here.

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