My Biggest Fear About Being A Foster Parent Isn’t The Kids, It’s Me

What is keeping you from becoming a foster parent? It is fear?

When Mary Sauer went to hit the “Send” button on her foster parent application, she hesitated for just a moment. “It was only for a second,” she writes, “But it bothered me.” She asked herself what it was, after months of preparation and learning, that caused her to pause before taking the plunge. What was she scared of?

“I’d done enough research to know better than to be afraid of the children we will, eventually bring into our home,” she writes. Additionally, she adds, “I am not afraid of saying goodbye multiple times to children we’ve grown to love.” And though she’s a little concerned about the practical aspects of adding more children to her family, she says she feels confident that “we’ll learn how to manage feeding, bathing, and dressing more bodies.”

So what is it that fills this mother’s heart with fear each time she and her husband move forward in the process of becoming foster parents?

Read about it here.

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Rachel Skousen

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