Mother And Daughter Reunite After 50 Years Apart

Mother and daughter are reunited after 50 years apart. There was a lot of hugging and crying and hugging some more as Latonya Dea met her mother, Sheila Richardson, for the first time after so many years.

Latonya’s mother–at only 15 years old–placed her beautiful daughter for adoption, not knowing if she would ever see her again. Latonya also had been searching and searching for her biological mother, but to no avail until she submitted a DNA test to After that, one thing led to another, and the two have experienced untold amounts of joy.

But the happiness doesn’t stop there. Little did Latonya know that not only would she find her mother, but also her brother, aunts and uncles, and other relatives.

“I want to hug them all, I want to kiss them all, I want to be the best aunt I can be,” Latonya says.

Latonya’s aunt expresses her sediments as well, saying, “Someone that I had heard [of] all my life, you know, her name Latonya, Latonya, and just to finally meet her and to touch her and hug her; it’s just the best feeling.”

One can only imagine how sweet that reunion must have felt like. To read more about Latonya’s incredible journey, click here.

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