Meet Jade: Creative Lego Master, Needs Forever Family

Jade is a 12-year-old boy that just so happens to enjoy Legos and Minecraft, so you know this kid has some creativity. He’s a skilled craftsmen and quite inventive. That’s bound to happen when you love what you’re doing. I mean, how many kids do you know that make origami or create arcade-style cardboard games?

Not only will you get a really cool kid with Jade, you’ll also get a master fishermen. Okay, well I can’t speak for his skills, but something tells me they’re pretty good since he loves fishing and wants everyone to know it (perhaps that’s a hint that this guy needs to be taken fishing more?).

Because no one is perfect, Jade also has some quirks. Like he has a hard time trusting after trust has been broken (can you really blame him for that?). And he doesn’t like it when other kids pick on him–who would like that–so he tends to have some outbursts in response to this bullying. But this guy is willing to improve and has done so–drastically. He has so much potential if only he is given the opportunity.

This sweet kid is looking for a loving and patient family. He needs a family that can show him trust so that he can continue to grow. Could you be Jade’s family?

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