Meet LouAnn Rodgers: Hoping To Be A Big Sis

Meet LouAnn! Now this is a girl with energy. You won’t find another 17-year-old like her.

She is a girl of many interests. We’re talking taekwondo, drawing, pottery (anything art-related, really), and even hair and makeup. Certainly her interests would only grow to skills with the right family to help keep her involved in all those fun activities. Picture after school pottery classes and weekends practicing a smokey eye; that’s the life.

LouAnn is originally from Arizona, but she currently resides in Butte.

Perhaps the sweetest thing about LouAnn is her wish to be a big sister. She loves the idea of having younger siblings. There’s just something about watching those youngins grow up and you getting to watch them that really speaks to her. She wants nothing more than to be someone little sisters can look up to and tell them how much she loves them. This characteristic is quite revealing of LouAnn.

She wants a family that can keep up with and it’s clear that she has a lot of love and energy to devote to her family. Not to mention she’s going to need a loving family to support her in her dreams of becoming a registered nurse and a cosmetologist. (I told you this is a girl of many interests!)

Click here to find out more about this sweet teen. Any family would be fortunate to have her in their home forever.

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