It’s Going To Be Worth It

“There is nothing about adoption that is easy.”

I read this quote in an adoption forum this morning. And it’s so true! There are challenges in adoption on all sides. This quote particularly speaks to the adoptive parent’s experience. The journey to – and through – parenthood is often exceptionally challenging for those who choose to adopt. Beginning with mounds of paperwork and culminating in the tremendous work of parenting, no adoption journey is a simple walk in the park.

But, as with all things in life, it is the hardest things that are the most rewarding. When that baby is finally sleeping in your arms, when that child who has struggled to attach seeks you for comfort, when that teenager who questioned their identity creates a life for herself . . . all the tears and prayers and sleepless nights and worrying and wondering and working and fighting will melt away, and you’ll know it was worth it.

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