How To Adopt The Culture Of Your Child’s Country

In this International Adoption Voices video, adoptive moms share how they adopt the culture of their children in their homes. Many of these families began to adopt the culture as soon as their child arrived.

One adoptive mother adopted three children from Haiti. She constantly played Haitian music and had fun dance parties with her children. The music was meant to comfort the children with familiar noises and sounds they may have heard in their native country.

Since the siblings were a little older, their adoptive mom was able to speak a little in their native language. Have you thought about learning your child’s native language? Language can be an incredible connection to one’s culture.

Another mother adopted her child from Bulgaria. She tried to play Bulgarian lullabies and make the food that her daughter had in the Bulgarian orphanage. These are good ways to help acclimate to the new culture.

As the Bulgarian daughter grew, however, she started rejecting her native culture. She didn’t want anything to do with it or adoption. But her adoptive mother kept talking positively about it. Her mother never wanted her to think adoption was shameful. When her daughter reached her teens, she finally started to show more interest in her country.

Although many of these example are small, these small things have a huge influence on children of other nationalities. It’s important to remember that when you adopt internationally, you’re not only adopting a child, but a country.

How do you adopt the culture of your child? Let us know in the comments!

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