‘He was our son’: One family’s incredible adoption story

Special needs adoptions are not everyone’s first choice. Often with international adoptions, there will be some delays or health concerns where the full extent of a child’s condition isn’t know.  Other special needs situations are dire and require treatment and care that these children might not receive if not adopted. This is the incredible story of a special needs adoption of a little boy with a very rare autoimmune disorder.

Rebecca Maas and her husband, Darren, have adopted children with different special needs from all over the world. But the health struggles of one of her youngest sons recently inspired her to think about how far they’ve come — and how much the journey has been worth it.

“As I sit here in the hospital and watch one thing after another being pumped through my son’s body, I am reminded of the miracle that is my son,” Maas wrote in a Facebook post as she watched Joshua undergo treatment for a rare autoimmune disorder. “I wonder what his first few years of life were like? Considering the condition he was in when found I don’t think I want to know.”

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