DNA Testing – Have You Tried It?

DNA testing has come a long way. You’ll find that it’s becoming increasingly popular for adoptees and birth parents to make reunions possible.

It’s a fairly simple process, too. You can order an at home kit from a site like this one or this one. Swab some of the saliva in your mouth and mail it back to the company. You’ll wait a few weeks–and it may feel like an unbearable wait, but you can make the wait go a little faster by visiting a DNA community, like this one.

Once you get your results, you can see who the results have matched you with. From there it’s up to you how you would like to make your next move. There are third party services (like a search angel) that may be willing to reach out to your newly found family members. Or you could send them a Facebook message. Do what makes you feel comfortable.

Don’t be discouraged if a close enough match doesn’t show up on your test results. People are taking DNA tests all the time. That means databases are growing more and more each day. Be patient. You never know what might happen with a little waiting.

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