From The Very First Moment You Had My Heart

“You may not have my eyes or smile, but from the very first moment you had my heart .”

Adoptive parents may not share DNA with their child by adoption, but they have all the love to give. This quote has been a long time favorite for many adoptive parents and it’s obvious why.

Many that have not been through the adoption process wonder if they could love a child not of their DNA the same as a biological child. If you speak to any adoptive parent, I can pretty much guarantee that adoptive parents know that notion as false. These children by adoption are loved deeply and truly by their adoptive parents. DNA is not something that makes love possible. It is the willingness to love, the incredible sacrifices, and the desire to serve that make love possible.

The way a family decides to bring children into their family does not determine if they will be loved any less. It’s just part of that family’s journey. To give ” my heart ” to a child is to give love to him or her.

What other quotes about adoption do you love? Do you relate to this quote? Let us know in the comments!

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