Ellen Honors This Amazing Family Who Adopted 6 Siblings

Ellen honors one amazing family from Cincinnati, Ohio, who adopted 6 siblings.

Christina and Christopher Sanders made their family whole when they adopted Coby, Christian, Caleb, Cayley, Carson, and Chloe on April 27, 2017. Christina and Christopher had always wanted to be foster parents and took classes to do so December 2014. At first, they fostered 4 brothers who are siblings. Soon, however, they learned that the brothers were missing their 2 sisters somewhere. Without any hesitation, Christina began searching for the 2 girls and found them soon enough. Ever since that day, Christina and Christopher have made a commitment to keep the kids together. Now, along with their 5 biological children, there are 11 children in their family. It has definitely been an adjustment period, but the Sanders found the rest of their children through the wonderful foster and adoption systems.

They are meant to be together. Isn’t it interesting that the first letter of all their adopted children’s names start with the letter “c,” the same as their parents? Coincidence? Definitely not.

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