Is Christian foster care different?

How is it similar to state foster care?

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    Depends on what you mean by "Christian".  There are many different agencies that call themselves Christian like, Catholics, evangelical Christians and LDS agencies.  If, by Christian, you mean, you will be licensed by a Christian foster care agency, then some things may be different, but many things will not be.  So, my answer will assume that you are referring to a Christian foster care agency.

    Here is how being licensed with a Christian foster care agency is different.  First, you will have godly workers who respect your values.  You do not have to worry about your faith being ridiculed; you don't have to worry about being questioned whether you home school.  Also, your workers will actively pray for you.  Secondly, the requirements may be different from a non-Christian agency.  There may  restrictions on applicants who have same-sex relationships; restrictions on co-habituating couples; and newlyweds. You may also be asked to give a Christian testimony.  You may be asked for a reference from your Pastor.  In other words, you are expected to be an active Christian, when you apply to a Christian agency.

    However, Christian foster care is the same in these respects: all Christian agencies must adhere to state rules, regulations and laws.  Secondly, the children come from all different lifestyles, races, ages, religions  and sexual orientations, just like in state care.  Third, all children in foster care have trauma, the same as in state care. Lastly, biological parents need healing, the same as in state care.

    So, if you are a Christian and you are looking for a Christian agency that's great! Do your homework and shop around and make sure you understand what you are getting into.  In any event, if your motivation is to serve your fellow man, to meet the needs of a  traumatized child and to help a family, then you are on the right track, regardless of what agency you choose. 
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