What is the adoption connection?

What is the adoption connection? 

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    Hi Jordan,

    I'm not sure what you mean by the adoption connection, but I will try to answer as best I can.

    There are many examples of "adoption connections." Here are a few that come to mind:
    1. An adoption match is when adoptive parents are selected by an expectant parent. Potential adoptive parents create a letter/profile with information about themselves to share with expectant parents. When a pregnant woman considering adoption comes to an agency, she can look through the letters/profiles to select parents for her unborn child. Once she picks parents and they agree, it is considered an "adoption match."
    2. Adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents are also part of what is commonly called an "adoption triad." These three are joined together by their mutual love for each other and their desire to create a life that includes both nature and nurture, a mix of genes and upbringing. The triad symbolizes the fact that no member is less important than the other; they are all equal partners in the adoption. For more info on the adoption triad, you can read: No Member of the Adoption Triad Is Less Than the Other.
    3. Another use of the term "adoption connection" describes someone who has a link to adoption, whether through direct experience, having a friend or extended relative who was adopted, by working in a adoption-related field, etc.
    4. Anyone who was adopted will also have a lifelong connection to their birth family, whether they have met or not. Adoptees often describe birth family reunions as a very emotional experience where they finally felt like they found the missing piece of themselves. Here is a good article on a birth sibling reunion: A Connection With a Birth Sibling.
    5. Finally, there is an agency called "Adoption Connection." I'm not familiar with them, so I really can't comment. However, there may be others on this forum who have used their services and can provide information. 
    Hope this helps! If you have further questions or wish to clarify what specific information you are seeking, feel free to post again. You can also find a ton of information and articles on adoption at adoption.com.


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