How can I find a foster home.Am 23 years old and I want to come to Canada to study. I love family li

I want a foster home in Canada to take care of me during my stay there.I love the family life. I love unity and oneness. I hope my dream will come through and I will have a wonderful mom and dad over there


  • Hi Onyi!

    The answer to this will really depend on your current situation. Are you currently in foster care and are searching for a better home? Do you live at home with your family? I can better answer your question once I know the reason why you are seeking a foster family. I am sorry to hear that you do not feel that you have that security now. 

    In order to find a foster home in Canada, you would have to be a resident of Canada under the age of 18 with need for a foster placement. Unfortunately, you would typically not be able to choose the home in which you were place. The good news is that there are many fantastic foster parents and foster homes. 

    For contact info for foster and child welfare agencies, please click here. 
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