How much is adoption?

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    The cost of adoption will vary greatly based on the type of adoption you are pursuing. There is no set amount that will be true across the board with any type of adoption. The costs will largely depend on the events than occur in the process as well. Also factored is the fees of the agency and/or attorney that you use as well as costs such as travel. 

    Adopting from foster care can be free. Many times, costs are absorbed by an adoptive parent's state. However, some may choose to hire an adoption attorney. If this is the case, typically, costs are under or around $5,000. However, it is important to note that an attorney is not usually required in this case and the entire adoption process can be free. This makes adoption from foster care a great option and also great as it is often the area with the most need. 

    Private domestic adoption can range from around $11,000-$40,000. It is such a large range simply because agency fees and events that occur in adoption can vary greatly. You may also be required to provide living expenses and pregnancy related expenses for the birth mother of your child. When my husband and I adopted our son, we paid around $11,000 simply because the adoption was relatively uneventful and our child's birth mother did not require any expenses. 

    For international adoption, the range can vary even more due to travel expenses and adoption processes varying by country. Some of the costs to research would be agency fees, application fees, travel expenses (you and child), possibility for multiple visits, accommodations etc. The cost will largely depend on all these factors and you should always prepare for the unknown expenses you may incur. 

    The great news is that there are great ways to afford adoption you can read about at the highlighted link. You can also check the wiki for the state or country you are hoping to adopt from here for more information.  
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