Where can I find great adoption gifts?

Where can I find great adoption gifts?

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    Finding gifts for adoption can be tricky! It often depends who you are buying for and what occasion. It can be especially hard to select a gift for someone you may not know well. Often times, general sentiments won't do! Luckily, Adoption.com has a new site, Adoptiongifts.com, that offers a HUGE range of selections of adoption gifts. These gifts range from t-shirts, to stickers, to jewelry! They have the page broken up into categories that allow for you to select who the recipient will be. 

    I recently wanted to get my husband a small gift as he is simply a wonderful dad! We have adopted two children and he is a very manly kind of guy! He has probably a Guinness Record setting collection of t-shirts so I knew that might not necessarily be the way to go. Adoption Gifts has a wide variety of coffee mugs that might also have been a good option. I took a chance to look at the jewelry sure I would not find anything for my "man's man" of a husband! Sure enough, I stumbled across a wonder! I found a bracelet that had a leather band. The metal plate simply had the phrase "I Love Adoption" printed on it in black. Very manly, very understated. 

    I also went in search of a gift for my child's birth mother and found a plethora of options. The one necklace that I found and fell in love was the "She Stole My Heart" necklace. It is actually two necklaces that connect with one another to form a complete necklace. My daughter will wear the heart and her birth mother the section with the quote and heart cut out. This way and more they will always be connected.

    Take some time and browse through all of the options available! Adoption.com is always adding items and you may catch a sale from time to time! Be sure to follow them on social media as well for updates on sales and promos! 
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