Can we adopt from the USA? We are Indians.

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I and my wife wanted to adopt a baby from the United States but we are from India. Can we adopt?

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    Hi Natureboy,
    In order to best answer your question, I would need to know more. Are you and/or your wife U.S. citizens? Are you living in India or in the U.S.? Are you and/or your wife related to the child? There are many factors that could influence your ability to adopt. I will try to provide you with some information that may help.

    If one of you is a U.S. citizen, it shouldn't be a problem. If not, further research would be necessary.

    According to a wiki page on, "it is possible for those living outside to purse a US adoption -- one in which a child born in the United States is adopted into another country." However, it may not be easy, and a lot of rules may apply, such as which country you live in, what state the child is born in, what types of adoptions the agency or attorney is legally able to do, etc. There have been cases where a U.S. born child was adopted by a foreign family, but these have been mainly in Canada and Europe, and the children place have been infants. 

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    Keep in mind that there are many options if adopting from the U.S. is not possible. Check with an adoption attorney and/or agency to find out more. Have you checked into adopting from your home country? (Here is a page on adoption from India: Or maybe becoming foster parents?  

    A great place to do research on adoption is I found the site very helpful during our own adoption journey. Best of luck to you!
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