How do I best care from my child who has fetal alcohol syndrome?

How do I best care from my child who has fetal alcohol syndrome?

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  • This question can sometimes be difficult to answer as it really all depends on the degree to which the child has been affected. As Annaleece mentioned above, FAS occurs on a spectrum. Even more frustrating, you may not know the effects of FAS until the child is older. You may see that they have no effects at all, or believe they do not only to have them manifest later. 

    The best way to care for you child who has or you suspect has FAS is to educate yourself. Read and read some more. Speak to those who have been here before you. Reach out in the Forums at to find others who have children with FAS. They will very likely be able to provide you more information, what to watch out for, and who to connect with. 

    Speak with your child's health care provider for more information. You may also get referrals to specialists who handle FAS. Early intervention with any syndrome or health issue will be key. Even if you do not see effects of FAS early on, seek evaluations for your child. Connecting them early will help you to stay as educated as you can and know who to call if you start noticing symptoms. 

    Annaleece also provided some great sources above. Additionally, author and adoptive mother Rebecca Tillou provides some wonderful coping strategies for families to use for their children experiencing FAS. Please reach out in the forums and continue to seek knowledge!  
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