What are the best adoption questions to ask?

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What are the best adoption questions to ask?

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    I adopted from foster care so my list of questions may be different say if someone were to adopt domestically or internationally.

    The questions I always ask before considering having a child placed with me are:

    1. What is the gender of the child?
    2. What is the race of the child?
    3.  Do they have siblings, how many, and how old?
    4.  If they do have siblings are they close to their siblings or have no relationship with them?
    5.  What is the history of the reason they are in care or available for adoption?
    6.  What medical history do we know about the child and the parents?
    7.  Is there any history or sexual abuse, physical abuse, drug addiction?
    8.  How close to adoption is the case?
    9.  Is there family interested who would want to adopt the child?

    I know questions are very different if looking to adopt outside of foster care, but if you're interested in adopting out of foster care this is what I would ask.

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    For domestic adoption agencies, consider asking them the following when choosing an agency to adopt from:
    1. Fee schedule and what is your refund policy should an failed match/placement occur
    2. Do birth mothers receive ongoing and in person counseling or just over the phone (if they are in another state)
    3. How many placements did you have in the last year
    4. What is your fall through rate
    5. How many of your clients use open or semi open adoptions and do you recommend not doing closed adoptions
    6. Do we get to be present in the hospital for the birth or is that rare for your agency
    7. Do you use cradle care until we get to the hospital if mom is already discharged
    8. Do you allow for gender specificity
    9. Does your contract have a timeline of 2 years of service or is it open ended timeline
    10. Are we required to pay for medical fees/housing for birthmom
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