How much does it cost to adopt a foster child?

How much does it cost to adopt a foster child?

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    The cost is usually very little to nothing to adopt a child from foster care.  It may depend on what the rules are for your state in what they will pay for towards legal fees at the time a child becomes available for adoption.  It may also depend on what the child qualifies for depending on their own set of circumstances.

    I live in Texas.  I adopted my son from foster care.  I found an attorney who would do the adoption for the cost of what the state would pay and charge me no more.  The state of Texas pays $1200.00.  My son also qualified for this benefit because he was what was considered a special needs child meaning he was less likely to be adopted.  He was an African American child over the age of 2 at the time of his adoption.  So his adoption cost me nothing financially.

    Now the roller coaster of fostering him for nearly 4 years before getting to the point of adoption cost me emotionally and mentally, but in the end it all worked out for the best.  

    There are children in foster care waiting to be adopted if one doesn't want to foster first, but often times these are older children or children with severe medical, developmental, and social needs.

    For more information on adoption from foster care please visit the following links:

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