Can An Adopted Child Be Successful?

Can an adopted child succeed in life? Heck yes! This awesome infographic shows that people who are adopted can not only be successful – they can change the world.

Adopted kids will be inspired by this list of celebrities who were adopted.

Dave Thomas, for instance. He founded the major fast food giant Wendy’s. He also started the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, which focuses on helping kids in foster care find loving forever families.

But Dave isn’t the only one! Other notable adoptees include Maya Angelou, Steve Jobs Dante Culpepper, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Nelson Mandela, Nancy Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Eleanor Rooselvelt.


My favorite celebrity on the list is Clark Kent. Though he’s not real, Superman stands as a symbol of all that is good about adoption. According to his profile, Clark Kent “represents the ultimate adoption success.”

So true!

Infographic created by American Adoptions.

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Rachel Skousen

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