What To Do Before The Adoption Process

The adoption process is a long process. So what should you do before the adoption process?

Well, start with doing some research about what kind of agency you want to work with. This is important because you want to know that who you’re spending the entire adoption process with is trustworthy, helpful, and just plain good at their job. It’s important to start yourself off the right foot. It would not be good to work with an agency or adoption professional with unethical practices. This could set your journey back by a lot and no one wants to waste time or money.

You’ll also need to look into getting your adoption home study completed. Although this isn’t really before the adoption process, but during, you can start doing things to prepare for your home study. Gathering documents, scheduling doctors appointments, and researching home requirement laws for passing a home study are all great ways you can get a head start on before the adoption process.

Hopeful adoptive parents, what are you doing to prepare for the adoption process? Adoptive parents, what do you wish you had done before the adoption process? Let us know in the comments!

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