Becoming a Foster Parent Was a Dream I Never Even Knew I Had

Sometimes you never see yourself taking the path you end up on.  That’s what happened to Mike Berry.  As a child he dreamed of nothing but baseball, but later in life, being a foster parent became the dream he never knew he had.

A Dream that wasn’t Realized

If you could go back in time and have a conversation with 11-year-old me, at some point in the conversation baseball would have come up. Eleven-year-old me dreamed of being a major league baseball star. It wasn’t just a pipe dream like all kids had when they were that age. It was bigger.

I would have told you my full-fledged plan to work my way into the starting lineup of my high school team. I would explain how I was going to try out for the walk-on draft for the Cincinnati Reds the summer after my senior year. And then (hopefully) land a spot in the lower Single-A or AA farm system. If that didn’t work, I’d surely have a scholarship to a top-notch Division I school of my choice.

Not only could I articulate this at 11 years old, I had it written down. Sketched out in a notebook I kept, complete with stadium diagrams, imaginary starting lineups, and statistics. Yep — big dream!

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