Fire Captain Meets Birth Mother For First Time Since He Was Born

John Riley, a fire captain from Southern California, didn’t know that he was adopted until his wife found the secret

Guide To Building Relationships Between Expectant and Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Hopeful adoptive parents and expectant parents making an adoption plan will both benefit from this guide to building a healthy

10 Things Your Adopted Child Needs To Know (An Adoptee’s Perspective)

Christina Romero was adopted from South Korea when she was two years old. She is the voice behind the blog

6 Ways To Make Your Transracial Adoption Fail

“I will be the first to admit that I went into transracial adoption completely uneducated,” writes adoptive mom Rachel Galbraith.

The Step By Step Adoption Process For Adoptive Families

Adoption can seem pretty complicated to the uninitiated. This simple infographic helps break the process down step by step to

“I’m Glad We Took The Leap Of Faith” – Adopting 3 Kids From Haiti

Adoption can be a scary prospect. There are many variables you can’t control, and if you feel like adoption is

What It’s Like To Be Adopted By White Parents

In an effort to gain insight into the experience of a transracial adoptee, ATTN: interviewed five people of color who

Uncle Becomes Dad to Five Through Adoption

At 41, David Watkins has gone from being “Uncle David” to just “Dad” to not one but five children, ages

Meet Nehemiah: Looking For His Forever Family

Nehemiah is a handsome boy with many medical challenges. He loves the one-on-one attention he receives when engaging in physical

Meet Braylon: Looking For His Forever Family

Braylon is a 10-year-old boy in foster care who is hoping to be adopted into his forever family. He has

Meet Gannon: Waiting For His Forever Family

Gannon is a 14-year-old boy who is ready to find his forever family. Gannon was adopted at 2 years of

An Update From The Mom Whose Son Went To Live With His Birth Mother

One mom was experienced conflicting emotions when her son not only reunited with his birth family but decided to move

“We Will Love You Forever And Ever And Ever” – A Congo Adoption Story

When Steven and Wellen Bridger began their adoption journey, they were first matched with a pair of twin boys living

3 Ways My Life Would Have Been Different With An Open Adoption

Ashley Foster was placed for adoption in 1982, a time when open adoptions were virtually unheard of. In this article,

Little Couple Star Jennifer Arnold Loves Being A Mom Through Adoption

Jennifer Arnold loves being a mom! She recently shared a picture of herself with her kids on the beach, sharing,

She Wasn’t Expected To Survive. Thanks To Adoption, She Is Thriving.

When Kaylee Berro was born, she wasn’t expected to survive. She was 6 weeks premature. She tested positive for 8

Don’t Let The Cost Of Adoption Keep You From Pursuing Your Dreams

“Whether adoption is right for you is a complex decision, but the cost should not keep  you from pursuing this

Siblings Meet For First Time – In Their 70s

It was the final item on her bucket list: “Meet someone who looks like you.” Shelly Foster, 78, had always

Ohio Couple Becomes First-Time Parents When They Adopt 5 Siblings

When Julie and Will Rom of Cincinnati, Ohio, were unable to conceive, they decided that they were meant to do

Boy With Cerebral Palsy Adopted After His Brother Insisted They Stay Together

When Dawson and Dalton, two brothers in foster care, became legally free for adoption, Dawson had one stipulation: he wasn’t

Parents Capture Moment They Surprise Daughters With Their Newly Adopted Baby Sister

Two little girls couldn’t contain their emotions when their parents surprised them with some wonderful news: they had a new

Quiz: Adoption Fun Facts

Sometimes in adoption, it’s hard to separate the facts from the myths. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, often

Guide To Bonding With Your Internationally Adopted Child

Written by a mom who has been there, done that, this guide by Susan Kuligowski will walk you through the basics

Birth Mom’s Heartbreaking Letter To The Daughter She Placed For Adoption

Cathie had longed to meet her birth mother, but she received some heartbreaking news on the TV show Long Lost

Found: One Woman’s Story Of Finding Her Birth Family Through Facebook

“To stand and hold a sign and say, ‘I’m looking for my mommy’ is humiliating at age 41. But I

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