Asking Her Stepmom

In this touching video, a girl asks her stepmom to adopt her by using a Christmas ornament with one simple question: “Will you adopt me?”

The mother, upon reading her daughter’s sweet question, covers her face as the emotions manifest themselves through her tears. “The paper’s already signed,” the daughter whispers gently. “You just have to sign them.”

One cannot know all that has gone on in their family, but one thing is certain. This stepmom and daughter have forged a strong bond. Although they are not biologically related, that matters little. Real parenting is being there for your children. You are there to hold them when they cry, to stroke their hair when they’re sick, to laugh over silly things. This is what real parenting is, and even though signing the adoption papers does finalize things legally, you have already been their parent from the start. From the moment both of your hearts found each other, that bond was already created.

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