An Update From The Mom Whose Son Went To Live With His Birth Mother

One mom was experienced conflicting emotions when her son not only reunited with his birth family but decided to move out of state to be closer to them. She wrote to Lori Holden, an open adoption advocate who runs the popular adoption blog, explaining her perspective. At the time, she wrote, “It has been asuch an array of emotions. I am so grateful his biological family accepted him and immediately loved him and were open and kind and appreciative towards us. On my bad days I feel like . . . what. just. happened.”

Well, a year later, she wrote back in to Lori to share her perspective on the past twelve months. She wrote, “There were months when I doubted what my role was to him. On bad days I doubted if he though I Ever was his mom. On my good days I knew better. I never stopped encouraging him on his journey and being happy for him.”

Read the full article to learn how the situation worked out. 

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Rachel Skousen

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