Adopting A Child During the 2010 Haiti Earthquake

“No child should ever grow up in an orphanage. The difference between growing up in a family versus growing up without a family changes the course of a human being’s life.”

Adoption blogger Kristen Howerton and her husband Mark shared their Haitian adoption story with Buzzfeed in this informative and moving video.

In international adoption, the process can sometimes take years to complete. The Howertons talked about meeting their son Kembe but being unable to bring him home with them right away. This became even more difficult to deal with after a devastating earthquake hit Haiti in 2010.

Kristen began advocating to get children who had been matched with adoptive families out of the country and into the arms of their parents. Her advocacy, along with the tireless efforts of many others, ultimately led to the passing of the “Help for Haiti” bill that granted humanitarian parole to children already matched to American families.

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