6 Things I’ve Been Told As A Special Needs Parent

When adoptive mom Rachel Garlinghouse’s son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, she joined the ranks of mothers of kids with special needs. What she quickly learned is that parenting a child with challenges can open you up to all kinds of advice and commentary, some of it welcome, some of it not so much.

She writes, “Mamas parenting children with special needs have almost always accepted the child’s diagnosis and needs. And we fight like hell for our kids every day. What we crave from those around us, whether she be a stranger or a long-time mom friend, is trust and respect. Please know that we special needs moms are doing our best, that we know our children well, and that motherhood is about coming together as a tribe, full of encouragement, support, compliments, and honesty.”

Read the whole article here.

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Rachel Skousen

Rachel has a long-held passion for adoption that was sealed through her work as the content manager at Adoption.com. She currently works as a content specialist at Adopting.org, finding and sharing amazing adoption content from across the web. She is a mom of three and loves reading and napping in her spare time.

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