5 Things That Happen When You’re An Adoptee

Whatever your circumstances may be as an adoptee, there are generally 5 things that happen to you or will happen as you are interacting with the whole of society. Every adoption experience is unique, but Jenna Nance–an adoptee–lists 5 things in her article that most adoptees have experienced.

Here are just a few to get you started:

  1. You are often asked offensive or ignorant questions
  2. You become an object of pity
  3. “Fitting in” may not be a thing that you get used to.

Although many people do not mean to come across as rude or offensive, sometimes it can be taken that way. When a child is adopted by a family, there are so many circumstances and background information that you could never fully understand. You just get the tip of the iceberg. When a child is adopted, he or she is part of that family forever. Nance goes on to say that “Blood does not mean ‘family,’ let alone ‘real family.'”

Your “real” family are those who love you, take care of you, raised you, and continue to look out for you. Even though, as an adoptee, you may not be theirs biologically, you are part of their family in every shape of the word. And they are part of yours.

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