Waiting For Their Forever Family: Meet Anjal, Makaio, and Eli

Anjal, age 10, Makaio, 8, and Eli, 6, are siblings who are hoping to be adopted together so they can “watch out for each other.”

Each of these sweet kiddos has special needs, so Makaio, being the most verbal of the three, acted as the group’s spokesman during their Wednesday’s Child outing.

Makaio says he likes “to play on the Wii and I like the games on an Xbox, and then I just like to ride my bike and exercise a lot.” He also likes trains and school.

He told the reporter that Anjal enjoys copying people and playing, especially with dolls. Eli likes playing with blocks, balls, and puzzles. He says the best thing about his siblings are their personalities.

They’ve been waiting for a forever family for a long time.

Learn more about them here.

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