How To Ask Questions About My Child With Special Needs

One of my children has some developmental delays. You can’t tell by looking at him that he has special needs, but spend any time around him and you will notice that he’s just a little different from the other kids his age. Most people don’t say anything at all, and I wonder how much of their silence is simply a result of not knowing how to ask. I mean, that does seem awkward: “Is there something wrong with your kid?”

So when a friendly woman at church said to me, “I just love your son. He seems so neat. Tell me about him,” I was delighted. “Tell me about him” is such a non-intrusive way to show interest in understanding a child with special needs. It’s a line that I plan to keep handy for similar situations.

In her most recent article on, special needs mom Ellen Haws gives her own advice to those wondering how to tactfully ask questions about a child with special needs.

Read her thoughts here.

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