Miracle After Miracle Unfolded To Bring About This Haitian Adoption Story

On the first morning of their 2012 Mission Trip to Von Repos, Haiti, the Lundquists met a sweet little Haitian boy.

“Jacob, you want a smiley one?” asks Kate in a video recording of the meeting, handing her husband a happy baby boy. The little boy reached up and touched this new man’s face.

His name was Maki . . . and he needed a family. “God started whispering.” So they decided to ask about adoption.

“We did not meet any of the requirements to adopt from Haiti,” write the Lundquists. “Too young. Not married long enough. Too many biological children.”

Oh, and there was this: “Haiti had also halted all adoptions.”

So they went home. “But the whispers didn’t stop. In fact, they became louder. Loud enough that we tried again.”

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