37-Year-Old Single Mom Has Fostered 53 Children And Adopted 7

Laura Mitchell didn’t expect to be a single mom of seven. But that’s the course life has taken, and she believes it was meant to be. She says, “This is not how I thought my life would look at all. I thought by this point in my life I would be married and have children either biologically or through adoption. So not at all what my plan was but definitely what I feel like God has called me to do. To open up my home to children who need a home.”

She started on her adoption journey six years ago, after completing a mission trip to Africa. She explains, “When I came back from Africa I just really thought I would start the international adoption process. Talked to a few agencies about that and in the course of that learned of kids here in our city that needed a home.”

That’s when she decided to become a foster mom. And she hasn’t looked back since.

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Rachel Skousen

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