18-Year-Old Adopted Into Forever Family After A Life Spent In Foster Care

When 18-Year-Old Carson Peterson was adopted into his forever family, he told reporters, “It was just awesome to be wanted.”

Carson’s story is a difficult one. When he was very young, his mother committed suicide. Carson was then was placed in foster care. Later, his biological father took custody of him, but he was homeless, using drugs, and abusive. So Carson went back into foster care.

Carson’s placement with the Peterson family was supposed to be a temporary one. But he liked their home and their family and he asked to stay. They said yes. Three years later, they said yes again when he asked if they would adopt him.

It wasn’t easy getting to that point. After a lifetime of bouncing around in the foster care system, of being abused and set aside, Carson was full of hurt. “I would always have this wall built up so no one could hurt me. I didn’t like talking to new people, and I used to smoke and drink.”

But the Petersons changed things for him. “They never gave up on me. I put them through hell, and we just never gave up on each other.”

Read the whole story here.

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Rachel Skousen

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