I’m A White Foster Parent Seeing Racism Through My Black And Brown Children’s Eyes

Shmuly Yanklowitz has always despised racism. But becoming a foster parent to children of color has invited a new feeling

It Was So Completely Worth It

“Will all this effort be worth it?” When you are in the middle of the adoption process . . .

Michaela De Prince: Civil War Survivor, International Adoptee, Professional Ballerina

Michaela De Prince is a professional ballerina. Besides being an exquisite dancer, she is a warrior who has overcome tremendous

Florida Couple Adopts 7 Siblings Separated By Foster Homes

Seven siblings separated into different foster homes have finally found themselves back together and in a permanent home with two

Down Syndrome Adoption Guide

Ellen Haws is the adoptive mom of two little boys, one of whom has Down Syndrome. Of his condition, she

I’m An Adoptee And I Chose To Adopt

  Jeanne is an adoptee who also chose adoption as the way she has built her family. In this poignant

My Adopted Daughter’s Story Confirms The World Is Smaller Than You Think

The world is never as big as it seems. Bari Benjamin adopted her daughter, Laura, from an orphanage in Russia sixteen

18-Year-Old Adopted Into Forever Family After A Life Spent In Foster Care

When 18-Year-Old Carson Peterson was adopted into his forever family, he told reporters, “It was just awesome to be wanted.” Carson’s

Mickey Mouse Surprises Kids With Their Adoption Date (Grab Some Tissues!)

These two siblings were obviously excited to be meeting with Mickey Mouse on their Disney vacation. The talkative character cheerfully

Don’t Assume You Know Why We Adopted

We adopted a child. Here’s what we want you to know about it. In this article, three different parents share

Advice Column: “My Adoptive Son’s Enthusiasm For His Birth Family Is Hurtful To Us”

Reuniting with birth family can be a pivotal moment in the life of someone who was adopted. It can also

Search For Birth Mother: Adopted Daughter Meets Mom

Teresa Stensen was adopted as a baby. She had a happy childhood, but she always wondered about her birth mother.

The Surprise Adoption

Lacey and Banks Farris experienced a rocky path on the way to parenthood. They trudged through years of infertility. They

Children Cannot Have Too Many People Who Love Them And Want Them To Succeed

Open adoption can stir up quiet fears within a parent’s heart. What if they love their birth mom more than

I Said No To A Placement

“Never had it occurred to me when we began our adoption journey 10 years ago that we would be the

Do News Features Really Help Kids Get Adopted?

A news station based in Oklahoma, KFOR, answered this question recently when they published an article about 50 children now

Waiting For His Forever Family: Meet Edwin

Edwin is available for adoption through the Texas Adoption exchange, which is dedicated to helping children and families find each

Looking For Her Forever Family: Meet Destiny

Destiny is an 11-year-old girl who is personable and articulate. For her Wednesday’s Child feature, she was able to visit

Looking For Her Forever Family: Meet Scarlet

Scarlet was in and out of the foster care system until she was 6 years old, switching back between her

“We Are So Alike In Some Ways, It’s Scary”: Birth Mother And Daughter Reunited After 30 Years

Lisa Griggs always knew she was adopted – her entire adoptive family was African American – but it wasn’t until

ReMoved: This Short Film Provides An Intimate Glimpse Into The Life Of A Child In Foster Care

Removed is a moving documentary that will forever change the way you think about children in foster care. It begins

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Hospital Etiquette And Adoption?

You’ve been matched with an expectant mother making an adoption plan. You’ve decorated the nursery, you’ve attended doctor’s appointments, and

What Kind of Father? A Son Confronts The Troubling Past Of A Man He Never Knew

When Frank L. Christlieb found his birth mother, the story of his birth father began to unfold. It was a

International Adoptees Fear Deportation

Deportation is usually the last thing on the mind of someone who has lived in the United State their whole

Man Finds Birth Mother In Manila 30 Years After Getting Lost In A Market

Thirty years after getting lost, Joel De Carteret knew he had to find his birth mother. He couldn’t remember her

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