Dear Future Adoptive Parents: 3 Bits of Advice While You Are Waiting for Your Baby

Adoptive parents have a lot of fears, insecurities and uncertainties while they wait for their match and placement. This article

How to Breastfeed a Baby Who Was Adopted

The nutritional and bonding benefit has been widely talked about as being “best”. We aren’t here to debate breastfeeding over

Reilly’s Story

We rarely hear the voices of those that were adopted. Reilly’s story about her adoption gives insight and a voice

Birth Mother Photography Series: Hillary

A powerful series by a woman, also a birth mother, named Hillary who travels the world in search of fellow

Ted’s Adoption Story

After sponsoring Ted for a year, this family decided to pursue adopting him.  This is their story of Ted’s adoption.

Ten Myths and Realities of Sibling Adoption

You may have some misconceptions about adopting sibling sets. This list of ten myths goes through and shares the realities

9 Questions to Ask Yourself When Adopting a Child of Another Race

If you are considering adopting outside of your race, there are some considerations you have probably already made.  This list

New Book Tells the Story of Native American Children Removed From Their Homes

This book and video highlights the many Native American Children who were removed from their homes and placed for adoption

Mom of 3 Adopts Friend’s 6 Kids After Her Death

Sometimes people aren’t looking to adopt, until tragedy strikes near them and a sudden need to stand up and take

5 Times I Have Felt Silenced in Adoption | Adoptee Perspective

Those who were adopted often feel like their voice is taken from them, overshadowed by their adoptive parents and birth

I Chose Open Adoption Over Abortion, And I’m Glad I Did

Some women are faced with a tough choice when they have an unexpected pregnancy. The choice is very individual. This

Panel of Parents Adopting Older Kids: Surviving that 1st Year

These adoptive parents provide helpful insight to what it is like the first year after adopting older kids by participating

Adopting Older Children: Questions Answered

Many people fear adopting teens because of the many risks involved from a financial standpoint as well as from a

Stop Bashing Birthmoms For Placing Their Babies For Adoption

People seem to think it’s completely OK to perpetuate the negative stereotypes of birth moms. Why is bashing these women

8 Reasons Why Adoptees Should Have Access to Their Original Birth Certificates

I luckily live in a state that recently enacted a law opening up birth certificates for adoptees that were 18

Understanding the Adoption Child

A short documentary that helps people understand young people and how adoption effects them. Understanding the adopted child is hard

Why I Hate the Phrase “Put Up for Adoption”

Understanding adoption language is an important part of education as well as sensitivity. In the past phrases were used to

Top 7 Things I’ve Learned About Myself Because of Adoption

Sometime as adoptive parents, especially adoptive parents who also have biological parents, learn a lot about themselves in the process

11 Pictures of What Open Adoption Really Looks Like

Many people wonder how an adoptive family could embrace an open adoption. Without first hand knowledge of open adoption, it

Meet Christian

Wednesday’s Child: Meet Christian Christian, born 7/00, is a very charming, honest, articulate, optimistic, smart and funny African American teen.

9 Strategies For Making A Blended Family Blend

If you are like many families today, you could be a blended family. Whether it’s adopted children or step children,

How I Handled Calls from Prospective Birth Mothers

This hopeful adoptive family created a profile then placed an ad seeking their adoption match.  When their phone started to

Open Embryo Donation vs. Open Adoption: What’s the Difference?

This adoptive mother reflects on if embryo donation/adoption was an option when she adopted, would she have chosen that route. 

Adoption Terminology: When to Step in and Educate and When to Let it Go

There is a lot to be said for the phrase “pick your battles”. Adoption terminology is a hot topic for

Why Open Adoption Isn’t Confusing To Children

When we first started considering adoption, open adoption sounded scary.  We were hesitant to even consider it out of our

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