Adopted Daughter Returns To Ambulance Where Firefighter Dad Delivered Her

Five years ago, a firefighter/EMT named Marc Hadden responded to a call regarding a woman experiencing severe abdominal pain. He

Mom Shares Her Story Of Making The Decision To Adopt A Child With Special Needs

Kindle Garner is the adoptive mom of three children. “Our hands are full – we get that comment a lot,”

Photographer Captures Powerful Moment Adoptive Parents First Meet Their Daughter

David and Sarah Olson had been waiting and praying for a baby girl for a long time. When they got

Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Adoptive Parent?

Are you thinking about adopting but not sure if it’s right for you? Well . . . Are you patient?

‘7 Little Johnstons’ Stars Amber and Trent Open up About Adding to Their Large Brood!

Amber Johnston, mom star of the TLC reality show 7 Little Johnstons, is ready to add another child through adoption.

Family Is Not Defined By Our Genes

Family comes in many forms, but its most essential characteristic is love and commitment. Oprah said, “Biology is the least

Embryo Adoption | FAQ

Angela of This Gathered Nest is currently expecting TWINS following an embryo adoption! Angela is no stranger to adoption – she

Looking For Their Forever Family: Trinity, Tres, and Paul

Trinity, Ricardo “Tres,” and Paul are very close. They’ve been through a lot together, and they look out for each

Looking For Her Forever Family: Meet Kyrie

Kyrie is a 11-year-old girl who thinks of herself as an artist. She likes unicorns, earning prizes, playing games, purple

Looking For His Forever Family: Meet Bakka

Bakka is a sweet teenage boy who would love to be adopted into a family he can call his own. “I’ve

5 True Confessions From The Adoption Journey

Mike and Kristin Berry are the parents of 8 adopted children. They’ve struggled through the ups and downs of raising

Always Believe That Something Wonderful Is About To Happen

Hope. It’s a powerful thing. During the darkest night, the hope that the sun will rise in the morning can be

Tough Guy Dad Can’t Help But Cry When His Stepdaughter Asks Him To Adopt Her

“Do you know what that is?” “Am I adopting you?” “I want you to. You don’t have to. You can

7 Things You Should Never Say To Foster Or Adoptive Dads on Father’s Day

Adoptive dad Mike Berrey remembers a time when his brother-in-law was celebrating Father’s Day at church. Just a few months

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Adoption And Infertility?

Many people believe that the emotional pain that accompanies infertility will be solved by adoption. Not true, writes adoptive mom Shelley

We Need To Talk About Adoption

  When a woman is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, she has a three basic choices: 1) Parenting, 2) Abortion, and

Man Learns His Birth Father Was A World Series Champion

Every adopted kid (in a closed adoption) fantasizes about his or her birth parents. They wonder if they’re a famous

An Adoptive Father’s Perspective On The Adoption Process

Matthew shares his adoption story – from making the decision with his wife to pursue an adoption, through the long

Some People Don’t Believe in Heroes, But They Haven’t Met My Dad

Over the past fifty years, family research has revealed more and more the importance of fathers. Fathers influence everything from

Dad Sees His Daughter Before He Ever Meets Her: Watch This Incredible Adoption Story

“I was about 10 or 12 years old,” recalls Walt. “Middle of the day. God gives me a very vivid

How to Offend All Fathers Touched by Adoption on Father’s Day

If you’ve ever participated in the online adoption community, you’ve probably noticed that it’s pretty female-heavy. Don’t take this to

Adoption Is My Nationality

Michelle Madrid-Branch is an adoptee who braved the perils of adoption reunion and sought after her adoption truths. Over time, she

My Biggest Fear About Being A Foster Parent Isn’t The Kids, It’s Me

When Mary Sauer went to hit the “Send” button on her foster parent application, she hesitated for just a moment.

It Takes Someone Special To Be A Dad

Being a dad is about so much more than DNA! It’s being there for family dinners and camping trips. It’s

How Is The Birth Father Involved In Your Adoption?

A lot of people assume that if a child is being placed for adoption, the birth father isn’t involved. This

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