Couple Who Adopted 2 Sets of Twins Gives Birth to Twins . . . And They All Have The Same Birthday!

Carrie and Craig Kosinski were told they wouldn’t be able to have biological children. They were happy to pursue adoption,

Life Isn’t Perfect In An Adoptive Family

“There is no such thing as a perfect life or a perfect family. Don’t aim for perfect, aim for better.” Ashley

23-Year-Old Shows Up At His Birth Father’s Door Unannounced

“I started going through this identity crisis, realizing that I had a lot of unresolved feelings of anger and rejection.

Ladavia: Looking For Her Forever Family

Thirteen-year-old Ladavia is a skilled skateboarder who enjoyed learning some new tricks during her Wednesday’s Child feature. When asked to

Waiting For Their Forever Family: Meet Anjal, Makaio, and Eli

Anjal, age 10, Makaio, 8, and Eli, 6, are siblings who are hoping to be adopted together so they can

Looking For Her Forever Family: Meet Carlie

Carlie is a 12-year-old girl who describes herself as “funny, awesome, fun, happy all the time, colorful, and nice.” Carlie

Adoption Is Bittersweet

“Though our love for our children is fierce and deep, though our adoption day marks our most joyous occasion, our

Mom’s Facebook Post Shares Some Difficult Truths About The Foster Care System

“We ask them to act like respectful members of society. But we drop them off at strangers’ homes with everything

I Would Adopt, But . . .

How often do you hear this phrase? How often have you used it yourself? Adoption is not convenient. It is

Quora: What Is It Like To Adopt An Older Child?

This question was recently posed on Quora, a question-and-answer platform. Through the varied answers from adoptive parents, a common theme

Adoption Shaming Has To Stop

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical when I first started reading this article. My thinking was, that the author

I’m Adopted, But I’m Not . . .

This thoughtful and insightful video opens up the world of adoption to anyone willing to listen and learn. The adoptees

Ethiopia Suspends Adoptions

Friday, April 21st, the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa was informed by the Ethiopian Ministry of Women and Children (MOWA)

Quiz: Making The Most Of Your Adoption Wait

Ah, the infamous adoption wait. It’s rough, the waiting. Everybody says so. It’s hard to wait, unsure of when your

International Adoption: Our Privilege And Responsibility

“Have you ever wanted something so badly and had to work so hard at it that it exhausted all hope,

Adoption – Our Journey

“Recently . . . God answered our prayers to start a family, in the way HE had planned all along

8 Times Society Expects You To Apologize For Being An Adoptive Mom

“I don’t think society intentionally wants adoptive moms to apologize for existing, but it sure does feel that way sometimes,”

6 Years, 4 Teens, 8 Lessons Learned: Foster and Adoptive Parenting

Steven Combs is an adoption attorney who was concerned about the number of kids aging out of the foster care

Family Isn’t Always Blood

“Family isn’t always blood. They are the people in your life that want you in theirs; the ones who accept

Adopting Older Kids Is “Challenging But Worth It”

“Oh my gosh, it was terrifying. It was absolutely terrifying. Here was an 8-year-old and a 4-year-old. We had no

Special Needs Adoption Guide

This comprehensive guide is a must-read for all hopeful adoptive parents! This detailed guide will help you understand what special needs

Say Yes

“We all need love, but kids like us have just one thing: a wish. Please, somebody. See me. Talk to

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About International Adoption?

The world of international adoption is shrouded by myths and misunderstandings. A lot of people have certain ideas about adopting

An Interview: Michelle Madrid-Branch, Foster Care + International Adoptee

  “Let’s show up real and authentic before our children so they know they can show up real and authentic

Films Like ‘The Boss Baby’ Can Be Painful For Adoptees and Foster Care

Films directed toward kids often contain some sort of adoption theme. Think about some of the bigger animated hits of

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