Things I Wish All Adoptive Parents Knew

Sometimes we are just lost in a world of knowledge, trying to make our way through trial and error. But

What Happens When the Story Changes?

Piecing together information in any adoption can be challenging. Sometimes we get information we believe to be true, but then

Genes aren’t destiny, and other things I’ve learned from being adopted

 Are we destined based on our genes? Is being adopted somehow a miracle that saves a child? What has more

#AdoptionTalk – Anything Goes

Sometimes you just need someone who is willing to lay it all out there for you. Totally real adoption talk

5 Universal Truths I Learned From Being Adopted

As adoptive and birth parents, we all want to know what goes through the mind of the adoptee. Do they

Deep Thoughts On The Eve Of The Birth Family Reunion

Birth family reunions can be really intimidating and exciting with a million other emotions all intertwined. The night before a

7 Questions Adopted Children May Ask

Whether you are just considering adopting or starting to wonder what kind of questions to prepare yourself for as your

Study highlights importance of communication in open adoption relationships

What is it about open adoption that makes it more beneficial for the adoptee? It is that that communication plays

Five Ways to Find Comfort When Facing the Hardships of Infertility

Whether you have suffered the hardships of infertility directly or through other medical problems, it is often a very difficult

The Hospital & Birth Experience: Advice for Adoptive Parents

As adoptive parents, we often wonder what the hospital experience should or would look like. My most simple advice would

I was the first blood relative my mother ever laid eyes on

An appalling and outdated law means thousands of New Zealanders still have no access to information about their identities. Bonnie


In just one moment, my adopted son’s art changed from beautiful to heartbreaking. How do you help a child who’s

8 Conversations To Have With Expectant Mothers Before Placement

Sometimes we go through events in life that shape us and educate us, even when they are painful and feel

To The People Who Say “I Could Never Give My Kid Up For Adoption”

It’s hard to say never, when you have never been in the position to make the choice a birth mother

Talking About Transracial Adoption: A Guide

If you are anything like me, sometimes you just stare in dumbfounded amazement, with a crinkled brow and a look

The Day We Met Our Daughter

Remembering the day you meet your child really isn’t a lot different from birth with adoption. It’s a pivotal moment

Adoption: It’s Private

Everyone has a different story, a different path and a different journey. Adoption is not the same for any two

Top 5 Tips for Hosting an Adoption Baby Shower

Hosting a baby shower can be fun, but also a little challenging.  When it’s an adoption baby shower, you may

Preventing Adoption Disruption

Disrupting an adoption isn’t something any adoptive family wishes to do. Sometimes it feels like the only option when things

Foster Children Need You

These heartbreaking, real stories of foster children are reasons to step up and help as much as we can. Understanding

10 Questions to Ask Your Potential Adoption Agency

If you are looking for an adoption agency, the choices can be really overwhelming. It could be easy to just

Top Three Things to Think About When Considering Transracial Adoption

You may consider yourself “colorblind” and view all people equal, that is often considered a rose colored view of the

The Forgotten: Aging Out of the Foster Care System

Aging out of the foster care system is a very real fact to older children.  They are often referred to

“You’re Adopted:” A Life of Secrets and Lies

In today’s adoption climate it is pretty common practice to talk to your child about their adoption story from as

Our Broken And Beautiful Adoption

Just because something is broken, doesn’t mean it can’t be equally beautiful. Adoption comes with complex emotions and sometimes a

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