One Thing I Can’t Pass On to My Daughter: White Privilege

When we were picking our preferences, I knew I could love a child of any race, but would I be

Iron Man: A New Adoption Plot Twist?

There are plot twists and conspiracy theories, but this one is a biggie! Is Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, actually

The Happy/Sad of Adoption

Just because you have a “good” life and are in a generally happy and loving family whom you genuinely love,

Why I’m Grateful for Years of Infertility

When I first learned I would not be able to have children the good old fashioned way, I found myself

Suicide and Adoption—Is There a Link? | Suicide Prevention Month

There are a list of common factors or suicide warning signs that often can manifest in adoptees based on their

Dare to Love Deeply

Feeling emotions like love and pain is raw and sometimes challenging. People often avoid pain and by doing so come

5 Reasons I Quit Blogging our Adoption Journey

Blogging can be therapeutic, education, helpful to others and something we take great pride in when we have a captive

Best 9 Gifts to Celebrate Adoptive Families

When bringing home a child through adoption, it may seem that some of the more personalized gifts aren’t very fitting

Adoption Journey

Adoption Journey Six years trying to become parents, with the last two years pursuing domestic infant adoption. This video shows

Nosey Shopper Tells Mom To Stop ‘Spoiling’ Her Baby, Then She Calls Her Out On Facebook

Not only do strangers not understand the circumstances in which we make the decisions we make, but even if they

And She Loved A Little Baby…

Any story that references The Giving Tree has my attention. It’s my favorite book. It’s a tale of true love.

Full Circle: Man Returns To The Village Where He Was Once Kidnapped And Sold To An Orphanage

When we think of adoption, we do not think of adopting a kidnapped child. A child with a willing and

Foster Siblings Find Each Other 8 Years Later at Job Fair Thanks to a Cop Who’s Been In Their Shoes

Foster siblings grow close, become friends and like siblings. When they go their separate ways sometimes they stay in contact,

How Adoption Destroyed my Life

Warnings about how fostering or adopting could ruin your life come from well meaning people with good intentions to protect

Levi’s Story — Part 2

Adoptions are full of many emotions. Excitement and nervousness are wrapped up into the journey. While awaiting Levi, this family

The Question

The biggest question for most adoptees is “why?”.  While open adoption provides insight and adoptive parents can give some guidance

Duckworth Adoption Profile

When I watched this video I cried; not sad tears, but giant rolling happy tears.  It was touching and filled

Six Things Foster Care Has Helped Me Learn About Teaching

Some experiences in life teach us more than a lifetime of other experiences. We may thing we have seen it

Using adoption as a threat

Have you overheard people threaten to their kids they will leave them, give them away, send them to grandma, let

Birth Mother Blogs

Looking for a resource that compiles a bunch of voices of birth mothers? Look no further, America Adopts has it

Public Domestic Adoption

There are many types of adoption, but the two main types of domestic adoption are public and private. Public adoption

Speaking Well Of Birth Fathers (Even When They Don’t Deserve It)

It’s not always easy to speak well about someone who makes consistently bad choices, has let you down, disrespected you

Why I Hate the Phrase “Put Up for Adoption”

There are some terms that just get under people’s skin. In the adoption community, “put up for adoption” is one

It Drives Me Crazy When People Say These Things About Adoption

We’ve all heard them; remarks from usually well-meaning by ill informed people. How do we combat the stereotypes and lack

Best Friends From Chinese Orphanage Reunite In Tear-Jerking Adoption Video

Watch these two best friends from a Chinese orphanage reunite. “You think you’re doing something for these kids, but in

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