Looking For His Forever Family: Meet Cole

Cole is a thirteen-year-old boy who gets along well with both kids and adults. He’s athletic and enjoys playing sports

Books That Feature Adopted And Foster Kids

Rincey is a contributing editor at Book Riot. She has a passion for adoption and foster care, so she’s personally

From The Front Lines: On Being A Foster Parent

Annie Kassof wants more people to know about the value of becoming a foster parent. She writes, “It’s a sad reality

6 Things to Consider While Checking Boxes on Your Adoption Application

The process of adoption requires that you spend a lot of time looking inward. You’ll find yourself going through and

Couple Fosters And Adopts Medically Fragile Children

Kim and Tony Przbybylski were no strangers to caring for kids with serious medical needs – Kim worked as a

Selfishness Is Not Part Of Adoption

“Birth parents gave selflessly,” writes adoptive mom Rachel Galbraith, “Adoptive parents need to be able to do the same.” Most

“We’re Privileged To Take Care of Someone Else’s Child”

When Shaun Lokey approached his wife about adopting a child, she said she didn’t think it was the best idea.

The Heart Of A Foster Mother

A foster mother may not be the person who was always be there for a child, but she is there

This Family Found Joy When They Adopted A Waiting Child

A news station in Tulsa, Oklahoma is celebrating its 40th anniversary of featuring children who are waiting to be adopted

Dear Adoption, You Are My Biggest Blessing And My Greatest Sorrow

Adoptees often struggle with conflicting feelings about their adoptions. This conflict is articulately described by Bekah Mallory, who was adopted

What Is The Most Appalling Thing Someone Has Said To You As An Adoptive Parent?

There are a lot of awesome, supportive people out there. And there are a few who are ignorant and sometimes

Difficult to Place: Changing the Language of Foster Care

“Words are powerful,” writes Michelle Madrid-Branch. She should know. As a child in the foster care system she was labeled

Adopted Daughter Returns To Ambulance Where Firefighter Dad Delivered Her

Five years ago, a firefighter/EMT named Marc Hadden responded to a call regarding a woman experiencing severe abdominal pain. He

Mom Shares Her Story Of Making The Decision To Adopt A Child With Special Needs

Kindle Garner is the adoptive mom of three children. “Our hands are full – we get that comment a lot,”

Photographer Captures Powerful Moment Adoptive Parents First Meet Their Daughter

David and Sarah Olson had been waiting and praying for a baby girl for a long time. When they got

Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Adoptive Parent?

Are you thinking about adopting but not sure if it’s right for you? Well . . . Are you patient?

‘7 Little Johnstons’ Stars Amber and Trent Open up About Adding to Their Large Brood!

Amber Johnston, mom star of the TLC reality show 7 Little Johnstons, is ready to add another child through adoption.

Family Is Not Defined By Our Genes

Family comes in many forms, but its most essential characteristic is love and commitment. Oprah said, “Biology is the least

Embryo Adoption | FAQ

Angela of This Gathered Nest is currently expecting TWINS following an embryo adoption! Angela is no stranger to adoption – she

Looking For Their Forever Family: Trinity, Tres, and Paul

Trinity, Ricardo “Tres,” and Paul are very close. They’ve been through a lot together, and they look out for each

Looking For Her Forever Family: Meet Kyrie

Kyrie is a 11-year-old girl who thinks of herself as an artist. She likes unicorns, earning prizes, playing games, purple

Looking For His Forever Family: Meet Bakka

Bakka is a sweet teenage boy who would love to be adopted into a family he can call his own. “I’ve

5 True Confessions From The Adoption Journey

Mike and Kristin Berry are the parents of 8 adopted children. They’ve struggled through the ups and downs of raising

Always Believe That Something Wonderful Is About To Happen

Hope. It’s a powerful thing. During the darkest night, the hope that the sun will rise in the morning can be

Tough Guy Dad Can’t Help But Cry When His Stepdaughter Asks Him To Adopt Her

“Do you know what that is?” “Am I adopting you?” “I want you to. You don’t have to. You can

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