Celebrities And Their Adopted Children

Celebrate National Adoption Day with stars and their children. YAHOO Celebrity joins many throughout the country who have been celebrating

Consequences of Openness in Adoption

Do you hear the word consequences and automatically think it means something bad? Most of us do. This article will

5 Tips For Making Your Adoption Profile Stand Out

Building your adoption profile can feel like a daunting task. You may not be particularly creative or feel comfortable selling

My Adoption Journey: A Teenager Share’s Her Story

We don’t often get to hear the voices of those that are adopted, especially young adoptees who are living in

I KNEW Adoption Was The Right Choice For Me

Sometimes you just get a gut feeling that something is supposed to be.  This birth mother felt a very strong

I Consider My Open Adoption My First Marriage

Open adoption is a serious relationship between adults and children. Sometimes there are bumps in the road, sometimes there is

When Your Child Asks, “Why Did You Adopt Me?”

It may seem too easy, but the answer to the question is the truth. Age appropriate adoption language should be

No Justification Needed To Keep Her Own Baby

Often when someone society deems ill prepared or not equipped to parent a child and they become pregnant unexpectedly (or

Unmasking the Truth about My Adoption

It’s hard for someone like myself, in an open adoption, to wrap my head around not telling my child he

8 Ways to Survive the First Thanksgiving After Placement

Happy Thanksgiving! Are you still searching for the right emotions or something to be thankful for? Holidays can be challenging

Adoption Parenting: Thankful Therapy

Whether it’s a daily post on social media of what you are thankful for or a family tradition to share

5 Thanksgiving Crafts Perfect for Sending to Birth Families

Looking for some cool crafts to do with your children this Thanksgiving? Check out this slideshow. Thanksgiving is a great

National Adoption Month. 4 adoption resources for families considering adoption.

Four resources for families that are considering adoption, including one charity that helps families complete adoptions through adoption grants. 4

Adopting An Older Child: What To Expect The First Year | National Adoption Month

When adopting a child, you may be wondering what it will be like once you are home and there are

Is believing adoption Win-Win ok?

Adoption always involves loss. It can be a wonderful option but not one to be taken lightly! We should never

Presidential Proclamation — National Adoption Month, 2016

Each year the president addresses the nation for National Adoption Month. Presidential Proclamation — National Adoption Month, 2016 NATIONAL ADOPTION

Is Your Local Hospital Birthing Center Adoption-Competent?

Every hospital seems to have different procedures and practices. Wouldn’t it be nice if the ones that create a genuine,

#flipthescript 9: The Healing Power of Open Adoption

#flipthescript 9: The Healing Power of Open Adoption Paula Fahey was born, relinquished, and adopted during the closed adoption era.

Adoption at the Movies: A Year of Adoption Friendly Movie Nights to Get Your Family Talking

Wondering what movies would be great for your family touched by adoption to watch together? This book guides you through

Yes, I Am Adopted. It’s Just One Of Many Things I Have In Common With Superman.

This man shares his story of adoption, heritage and the many things he has in common with Superman. Yes, I

Walking In The Dark To Find A Greater Perspective | A Birth Mother’s Story

32 years later, this birth mother shares her story and how she found perspective and happiness out of the darkness

Loving Another Baby After Placing One For Adoption

It’s easy to dismiss the loss a birth mother feels after placing her child in an adoptive home. After all,

Nicole Kidman Says Her New Emotional Adoption Movie ‘Lion’ Is a ‘Love Letter’ to Her Children

A story of international adoption and setting out to find his family ties in India, Nicole Kidman plays the adoptive

But How Will Adopting An Older Child Affect My Other Children? | National Adoption Month

If you are considering adopting an older child but have concerns on how it will affect the other children in

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