#$%@ People Say To Transracial Families

Are those your kids? Are you babysitting today? Do you want  kids of your own? How much did they cost?

I Didn’t Love My Child At First Sight

When Nancy Hall envisioned finally completing the adoption process and bringing her daughter home, she imagined that it would be

Country Star Jimmy Wayne On His Foster Care Journey And Upcoming Children’s Book

Jimmy Wayne had a challenging upbringing. He experienced abuse, neglect, and abandonment. He spent time in and out of foster

You Didn’t Grow Under My Heart, But In It

Any adoptive parent will tell you that DNA is not a requirement for family. That the love they have for

When Did He Feel Like Mine?

Mama Bear is a blogger and an international adoptive mom who was lucky enough to run into an online Mom

Parenting? Adoption? Abortion? Katelyn Talks About Why She Chose Adoption

  Katelyn was an older teen just starting out in college when she became pregnant. At first, adoption was nowhere

I Adopted My Daughter From The Foster Care System. Here’s Why You Should Be A Part Of It, Too.

“I’m a foster parent. My daughter Rose was a foster kid. I’m here to tell you that everything you think

Man Finds Birth Siblings After 55-Year Separation

The last time Richard Clauson saw his older brother, Larry, the older child was stuffing his younger brother into a

Quiz: Things You Should NOT Worry About During Your Adoption Journey

There are a lot of things to worry about when you embark on your adoption journey. Planning for how to

Creating A Village: How You Can Start An Adoption Support Group

Virtually every article about adoptive parenting will tell you that having a strong support system is a must for parents

8 Creative Adoption Fundraising Ideas

When the discussion turns to adoption costs, fundraising is often presented as a way to help offset the expense of

Adopting From Foster Care – What You Don’t Know

This poster compiles some interesting statistics about foster care and foster adoption. For example, did you know that 45% of

Birth Mother Reunites With Daughter After 52 Years Of Prayers

Donna Pavey placed her daughter for adoption over 50 years ago. Since that time, she married and had three children,

10 Ways To Become A Breakthrough Foster Parent

Jamie Schwandt is an author and former foster child who has some advice for foster parents. He writes, “Foster children

Thomas Rhett and Wife Lauren on Their Adoption Journey – and the Heartbreaking Decision to Initially Leave Willa Behind

Country superstar Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, are settling happily into life as a family of three after spending

Looking For Her Forever Family: Meet Payton

Sixteen-year-old Payton is hoping to find a forever family that can offer her love and a strong support system. Payton

Looking For His Forever Family: Meet Kyle

Kyle, age 15, loves to learn. He has taught himself how to bake and how to program in Java. His

Looking For His Forever Family: Meet Chris

Chris is a 12-year-old boy who loves baseball and Legos. Chris is autistic and has a developmental delay but is

Looking For His Forever Family: Meet Seth

13-year-old Seth is a boy who has “always had a grasp of who he is and what he wants.” One

8 Things Adoptive Parents Can’t Help Worrying About

All parents worry about their kids. It’s just part and parcel with the role of parenting. But adoption adds another

Our Adoption Expereinces Have Taught Us That Miracles Do Happen

There’s a word coined by one of my favorite bloggers: brutiful. It’s a combination of “brutal” and “beautiful.” And if

What Does It Feel Like To Be Adopted?

“What does it feel like to be adopted? Why were you adopted, I mean, was there a backstory? When did

A Prayer For Waiting

This poem/prayer is perfect for parents who have been matched with a child and are simply waiting for all the

Mark Schultz’s ‘Everything To Me’ Is A Love Song For His Birth Mother

Christian singer Mark Schultz was adopted when he was a baby. He wrote the song “Everything To Me” as a message

3 Reasons I Chose Adoption When I Experienced An Unplanned Pregnancy

When Annaleece Merrill found herself experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, she spent many months “trying to convince myself that I was

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