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Letter Box Surprise

You may send dozens of contact letters to your child’s birth family and siblings, and never receive a single reply

The Orphan Keeper: Hollywood Endings

The Orphan Keeper: Hollywood Endings Kidnapped from his family in India and sold to an orphanage then adopted by an

Unique Challenges in Domestic Infant Adoption

When I started my adoption journey, I reached out to local support groups and anyone I knew with a connection

Letters – easier than words

Sometimes children express their emotions in ways we don’t fully understand as adults. Sadness can come across as anger, as

‘This Is Us’: Mandy Moore on Adoption, Singing and Balancing the Gut-Wrenching Past and Present

An emotional story that follows the character Mandy Moore plays through her life shares an important adoption message. ‘This Is

The Orphan Keeper: Prejudice

The Orphan Keeper: Prejudice Kidnapped in India and sold to a Christian orphanage and later adopted into a white American

Does Open Adoption Seem Scary To You? 5 Reasons To Consider It.

I was once one of those hopeful adoptive parents that feared open adoption. It was very scary to me to

The Orphan Keeper: Take Time to Listen

The Orphan Keeper: Take Time to Listen Born poor in India, kidnapped and placed in an orphanage then adopted into

Adoption milestones

If you are just starting to consider adoption as a way to grow your family you may be very curious

Before You Were Mine

You can relate. You once had a life that was all yours. You once pampered yourself and were selfish. You

Olly Murs Broke my Lightbulb

Sometimes when dealing with adoption or foster kids, you also just get the joy of being a parent. Sometimes it’s

When friends ask ‘What can I do to help?’

If you are anything like me, you refuse help when offered and asking for it is downright not happening most

Everyday Hero: Woman puts focus on adoptions

In addition to helping adoptive families get the answers to their questions and support when in need, Connie Going is

Praying for “her”

When you have a foster placement or adopt an older child, the things the child has been through can sometimes

Safeguarding your adopted child in school

When adopting an older child and sending him off to school, you may be prepared for some serious changes, behaviors

Rick’s Story

Watch this video where birth father, Rick, speaks up to share his story about placing his daughter for adoption 17

Companies Implementing Adoption Benefits for Employees

There has been a big shift in how adoption is viewed in society and in the workplace it seems to


If you have every had a significant or traumatic life experience, sometimes the smallest things can trigger memories that take

Why Adoption Fundraising Is Necessary For Adopting Parents

There are a lot of obstacles in adoption and sometimes the cost associated with the adoption professionals is one of

I Wish I Knew – A letter to Little Lady (nearly 3)

Do you ever look back at events in your life and wish you knew things that you know now that

A Mother Describes Her Excruciating Decision To Reverse Her Daughter’s Adoption

One of the most difficult decisions anyone in adoption would ever have to make is whether or not to reverse

Our Marriage & Complex Trauma

Adoption in general, as a way of building your family comes with unique challenges, but when paired with developmental trauma

Militant Foster Carers Are A Sign Of Deep Discontent In The World Of Child Protection

Digging deep to find the worth of a foster care parent and how much they should actually get paid. Of

Your Adoption Profile: A Picture Is Worth a 1000 Words . . . But Don’t Forget the Captions!

One of the many hats I wear is reviewing parent profiles for waiting parents who are hoping to adopt. One

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