3 Things My Adoption Has Taught Me

Merrisa Milliner and her husband adopted a baby girl a year ago, and it has been, she says, “an incredible

Joy: Two Adoption Stories

Curtis and Carrie Honeycutt always wanted to adopt. In fact, When Carrie was in the seventh grade, she wrote a

10 Things You Should Have Learned in Foster Care Training (but Didn’t)

Shannon Hicks is an experienced foster mom. She’s been through the required foster care training – and she’s been through

It’s Not That I Love Waiting . . . I Just Love The Person I’m Waiting For

The adoption process often means a lot of waiting. When I first encountered this quote, what I thought about was

17 Adoption Stories That Will Warm Your Heart

She first met her sons in the office of Child Protective Services. He was able to cut his newborn’s umbillical

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Open Adoption?

For many decades in the United States, adoptions were an affair shrouded in secrecy. Birth families and adoptive families did

Looking For A Forever Family: Zaden, Johnathan, And Gianna

Meet three siblings who are looking for a forever family. Zaden loves Boy Scouts. Johnathan enjoys playing outside. Gianna is

Looking For Her Forever Family: Meet Rose

Rose is a fourteen-year-old girl with a “sunny disposition” who met with a reporter from Denver’s CBS Local for an

Looking For A Forever Family: Meet Stephanie

Sixteen-year-old Stephanie has a strong character, marked by an intense determination to achieve anything she puts her mind to. After

Hoda Kotb Adopted A Baby Girl: “She’s The Love Of My Life”

Hoda Kotb hasn’t been on the Today show for the past week, a fact that Matt Lauer brought up brought

My Three Unplanned Pregnancies: A Mother’s Story Of Choosing Parenting, Adoption, and Abortion

I once heard a birth mother express that there was no easy answer to unplanned pregnancies. She said something along the

Meet Ignacio, Adopted At 16 From Ecuador

Ignacio is a 16-year-old boy adopted from the Dando Amor orphanage in Quito, Ecuador by the Prince Family. He has begun

29 Heartwarming Photos Of Kids Getting Adopted From Foster Care

Together We Rise, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids in foster care, is helping to raise awareness about foster

God Knit You In Your Mother’s Womb, Then Wove You Into Our Hearts

I love this description of adoption. God’s hand is so often clearly involved in bringing children into the families where they

When People Ask Me If I Want To Find My Real Parents

Do you know your real parents? Do you want to meet them? Adoptees hear these questions – and variations of

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Adopting A Child With Special Needs?

What is it like to parent a child with special needs? Many children available for adoption today have special needs.

What Causes Post-Adoption Depression?

You’ve persisted through years of paperwork, intrusive questions from social workers, visits to court, disappointments, and more . . .

Orphan Meets New Mom And Makes Everyone Cry

Audrey Shook ran to her little daughter in the crowded airport, first kneeling and saying hello, then scooping the six-year-old

Adoption By The Numbers Study | 75% Decrease In International Adoptions

The National Council For Adoption recently released a comprehensive analysis of adoption trends over the past thirty years. One major

Guests In The Hospital: My Story Of Becoming An Adoptive Parent

Emma Jacobson and her husband were honored to be invited into the hospital delivery room. They loved Rachel – the

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Integrating a Challenging Child Into Your Family?

Most children adopted internationally or from foster care have experienced some sort of trauma. Depending on the trauma they experienced

Everything You Need To Know About The 2017 Adoption Tax Credit

Learn everything you need to know about maximizing your adoption tax credit this year by listening to detailed interviews with

Adoption At The Movies: Review of The Lego Batman Movie

I’d never really thought about it before, but Batman was kind of adopted . . . at least, he was

Taking The Leap Of Faith Into Adoption

The moment he met Sarah, Ryan Pettit knew he was looking at the woman he was meant to marry. “We

Oh, There You Are. I’ve Been Looking For You.

“And then my soul saw you and it kind of went, ‘Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you.’”

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