Teen Fears Aging Out With No Family: Dale Is Looking For His Forever Family

Babies are in high demand when it comes to adoption, but it’s important to remember that children of all ages need homes. “We need love, too,” says Dale, a 14-year-old who, like many teens, is hoping to be adopted. “Everyone needs love.”

In just 14 years, Dale has lived in over 20 homes. He has struggled in school. And he is worried that in a few more years, he’ll turn 18 and “age out” of foster care, left to face adulthood without the safety net of a family.

Louisiana DCFS adoptive specialist Tiffany Gamble says adoption will change Dale’s life, as it would any teen’s. “They’ll have a family, someone they can go to when something happens in life, holidays, all those things.”

A two-parent home would best for Dale.

Learn more about him here.

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